Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bus Jacket



My car's broke and I need to go somewhere far. Good thing there's a bus I could rely on.

Too early to get up... But I have to. Ho-hum...

The bus is too damn cold!!! My jacket's not enough to warm my heart. After all, it's as broken as my car. Dunno how it manages to still start up.

At last, half way through the ride, some angel sat beside me. Hot angel, I should say. Well, her heat was insufficient because after an hour's ride, she squirmed. I guess the bus' freezing climate has the power to extinguish the fire of an angel.

Thank God!

Well, my parents brought me up with chivalry in mind. I was born on a Sunday and thought to be a savior someday. I just dunno know to whom I may be of service. So I always try my best to help others. Just like now.

And for an angel like the one beside me, I can't do anything but to follow my destiny. (naks!)

And that's what I did. I offered my ever reliable jacket without thinking that I can possibly freeze to death before I could arrive at my destination.

Well, it was worth it.

Up until now, I know her. Er, not as close as before, 4 years ago but still, I get updates (thank you facebook!)

She'll be marrying someone I don't know. Details? I don't know that too. But it was at this moment that I felt an angel will be returning back to heaven with someone dear to her.

I will miss her but the happiness I'm feeling right now for what she will be is greater than the feeling of loosing.

My heart's pounding to life as it should be. As it has been.

Blood gushing. Brain frozen.

But life's gotta move on. So should we.

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