Saturday, August 15, 2009

When Bad Luck F***s You Hard

I've had bad luck but I never thought there'd be worse days!

Like now.

I can never comprehend the greatness and mystery of life. My life. It has shown ways on how to get me angrier every second. Since time immemorial, humans were attacked with these deadly bad luck virus. How did it end up in my own backyard?! I was living a simple life when all of a sudden, life tells me to adapt to certain situations that always leave me broken-hearted and/or financially-drained. I've had my share of this pie...

I remembered trying to survive three days with an empty wallet, a broken family, and a closed bank account. My food comes from friends' shares and my car always runs in a near empty gas. What else you got?!?!

I yearn for those days when life was simple and fun. Well, those were like my teen years...

Now, I don't know where to seek shelter from these massive "bad luck" attack!

Can't see any reason to live this life but I have to. For my sake and the people who depend on me.

But, how can I?

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