Monday, August 3, 2009

Life's Hard

"Let us celebrate the mystery of our faith"

For these past few months, I have encountered the following:
- my Grandma's week-long hospitalization
- my Mom's 3-day hospitalization
- my Team's sales "drought" from January up until now (zero extra income)
- my Sister's pre-natal stage and pre-wedding preparation

(... there are 3 more that should be listed but I'm keeping it private for now)

"Life's hard."

I have heard so many stories about people in the brink of insanity. Their reason? Mismanaged stress. For me, these are tales that I find impossible to happen to such a person in such a small period of time. Well, that was what I thought before this list happened to me.

It's amazing that this can happen!

At one point late last year, I was just living a normal healthy life... then all of a sudden, life's storm. What a mystery.

I admit, I wasn't expecting too much of this. But, then again, it made me question my faith - in myself, my family, and my God.

Then, I heard this celebration on the mystery of faith.

How can you celebrate something so mysterious?!

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